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Our Clients



Bay Global Partnership officially opened its doors in 2003, building on our founders´ 30 years of experience in global building and construction, and leveraging the opportunity to help customers build their businesses through differentiation and bold value propositions. We´ve partnered with experienced design, engineering, and marketing teams to build an organisation dedicated to our client’s strategic growth. Bay Global Partnership LLC has a tight relationship with statutory boards, government, and renown contractors and is known as the industry’s best-kept secret and partner. Bay Global Partnership didn’t rely on marketing or direct B2C. But several of its products were featured in high streets across the globe.


We built a strong, flexible consultation firm – you don´t have to change your operation to work with us, we´ll adapt to fit your business. Bay Global Partnership blend the capabilities of multiple international and domestic architects and designers, a range of finishing processes, and domestic assembly and inventory facilities to ensure timely project delivery, scalable production, and reasonable quotations.